About Puketapapa Local Board

The Puketapapa Local Board is one of 21 local boards which provide local community governance of 21 parts of Auckland, as part of Auckland Council.

The Puketapapa Local Board has six members elected by the residents of the area every three years.  The first Board was elected in 2010, and the second in 2013.  The next election will be in September / October 2016.
The Puketapapa Local Board area covering what is commonly known as Mt Roskill and incorporating the following suburbs:

  • Mount Roskill
  • Roskill South
  • Waikowhai
  • Three Kings
  • Wesley
  • Lynfield
  • Hillsborough
  • Parts of New Windsor and Royal Oak
Puketapapa/Pukewiwi-Mt Roskill and TeTatua A Riukiuta-Three Kings are the two volcanic cones of our area.

To find out if you live in the Puketapapa Local Board area you can put your home address into the 2010 Elections website's handy search box.   Puketapapa is part of the Albert-Eden-Roskill ward of Auckland

Key local features that fall within the responsibility of the Puketapapa Local Board include:
  • Keith Hay Park
  • The Manukau foreshore from the new beach at Onehunga to Giletta Place, including the parks and the network of paths through the area
  • Mt Roskill Library
  • The Fickling Convention Centre
  • Wesley Community Centre
  • Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall and Park, and the ANZAC memorial, as well as the annual ANZAC commemoration at the cairn
  • Three Kings Domain and the sportsfield to the south of Big King called Western Park
  • Community leases on buildings and/or land, including local kindergartens and some sports clubs.
  • Walmsley and Underwood Reserves
  • Monte Cecilia Park and the Pah Homestead
  • Lynfield Recreation Centre
  • Cameron Pools
  • Hillsborough Cemetery
  • Margaret Griffen Park
  • Arthur Faulkner Reserve
  • The Puketapapa Christmas Festival, including Carols by Candlelight at Three Kings
  • Local citizenship ceremonies
  • Roskill Youth Zone
  • Wesley markets
  • Molley Green Reserve
  • Lovelock Track
  • Fearon Park and Harold Long Reserve
  • Three Kings Tennis Pavillion
  • Robinson Reserve
  • St Andrews Reserve
  • West Park
  • Turner and Freeland Reserves
Last update, 15th October 2015.