Friday, 3 September 2010

Media Statement: Supercity an opportunity to end neglect of Manukau

“The signing of a new funding agreement for coastal restoration across Onehunga Bay is most welcome, but further steps are needed to end the neglect of the Manukau Harbour”, says Garth Houltham, a spokesperson for Roskill Community Voice, a ticket contesting the Puketapapa Local Board.

“With the removal of the sewerage ponds from Mangere, there is a real opportunity to revitalise the Manukau Harbour. The Supercity must be a catalyst for real action. If elected, the Roskill Community Voice team will work hard to improve access for our residents to the harbour, and for the ongoing revitalization of the Manukau”, he continues.

“For this to happen we need to push for the new Auckland City Council to recognize that Auckland has two harbours and that equal funding needs to be allocated to both. For too long the Manukau Harbour has come off second best to the Waitemata.”

“Mr Houltham said the establishment of the Auckland Waterfront Agency once more, will see huge amounts of ratepayers money being spent on the Waitemata. However within the new supercity 572,200 voters live in the nine local board areas that have Manukau Harbour foreshore. These voters and their communities deserve a fairer share of the cake”, he says

“A Roskill Community Voice Board will approach the other eight Local Boards, iwi and user groups to set in place a management plan to cover the entire harbour and it’s associated foreshore. We will develop a long term plan that covers beach management, restoration, mangrove control, navigation, passenger ferries, wharves, ferry car parking, haul out areas, all tide ramps, and marinas. We will end the neglect of the Manukau”, he concludes.