Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Media Statement: Roskill Community Voice straight to work

"The election of two Roskill Community Voice candidates to the Puketapapa Local Board represents an historic shift away from C&R dominance in Mt Roskill. We intend to use our two Board positions to speak up loudly on behalf of our community", says newly elected Board member Michael Wood.

"Our ticket was formed just six months ago, so to win two positions on the Board is a real achievement, and a testament to the hard work of our whole team of candidates and supporters. We would also like to thank the people of Mt Roskill for putting their trust in us. We will work hard on the issues we were elected on", says newly elected Board member Julie Fairey

"First off the blocks we will be taking the fight up for the Monte Cecilia School community. We campaigned to take all lawful steps to stop the wasteful and shameful forced eviction of the school, and that is what we will now do. There is a new Council and a new Board and we are confident that a solution can be found that maintains the school on the site while meeting the objectives of other parties. We will be taking steps on this issue within a week", continues Wood

"We will be fighting hard on many other issues too, including the spread of unwanted bottle shops, improved access to early childhood education, and ensuring that our community gets a fair share of the Supercity cake", says Fairey

"We will be pro-active Board members who will actively campaign on the issues that matter. We will also be constructive where we can, and plan to discuss a number of matters with our C&R colleagues over the coming weeks. We want all residents to be actively engaged in the new Board and encourage them to contact us with any issues", concludes Wood.