Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Media statement: Support for free swimming pools

“Mayor Len Brown’s proposal to investigate the provision of free swimming pools across Auckland is a great idea and elected Councillors and Local Board Members should at the very least be open minded about the idea, rather than writing it off before a report has been produced”, says Julie Fairey, a Roskill Community Voice member of the Puketapapa Local Board.

“The Mayor’s policy on free pools was a centre-piece of his campaign and was widely understood by Aucklanders when they elected him to office. It is concerning that some Councillors are suggesting that the Mayor should not proceed with a proposal that he was elected to implement”, continues Fairey.

“Obviously the proposal needs to be carefully looked at first and that is why a feasibility study has been set up to look at the issues and the costs. Implementation of the policy will no doubt have some complexities, and it will cost. However, it is important that we invest in facilities that give our young people access to safe and healthy recreation opportunities”.

“Free universal provision of services like public libraries is a part of the landscape, and is part of living in a civilised community. There are comparable benefits in providing free access to public pools and we commend the Mayor for taking action on this issue”, concludes Fairey.