Monday, 31 January 2011

Pah Rd Warehouse Petition underway

Following on from the very well-attended public meeting in December, there is now a petition circulating objecting to the proposal of a "The Warehouse" store at 100 Pah Rd, Royal Oak. 

The petition wording is:

We, the undersigned express our objection to the proposal to build a “The Warehouse” store at 100 Pah Rd for the following reasons:
§ A large format retail store at this location will add significant traffic congestion and parking problems to a major arterial route and intersection that is already approaching “gridlock”.
§ The site is earmarked as a key site for future development and comprehensive master-planning in planning documents due to its strategic location. The Warehouse proposal is entirely out of line with identified usage for the site.
§ The site is isolated from other local shopping centres and will have a detrimental effect on many small retailers in these centres, and the character of the broader community.

We urge all relevant decision makers to reject the current proposal and direct the Warehouse to seek a more suitable location more in line with current planning guidelines and community wishes.

Please contact us if you'd like a copy of the petition form to circulate. 

I also have a motion on the agenda of tomorrow night's Puketapapa Local Board business meeting which will hopefully start the process of setting up a local resource consent notification policy.  More information on that if the motion passes - at this stage it is necessary to pass a motion seeking a report about whether we can legally have such a policy, and what it could cover.  Still getting my head around the bureaucracy required to get things done!