Friday, 28 October 2011

Michael's Board report for 15th Sept to 13th Oct

In the interests of transparency and accountability, we've started putting our monthly reports to the Board up on this website. As time allows I'll go back and put the past ones up too. These reports are required for each ordinary business meeting (monthly) and should detail what we've been working on since our last report. If there's anything in a report that you are interested in finding out more about please contact us. We usually speak briefly to our reports at the relevant business meeting. Board members' reports are usually last on the agenda, so often we don't get to them until after 9pm. Portfolio:  Parks, Open Spaces, and Heritage
Significant points from monthly Board workshops and briefings
Participated in Board workshops (20th Sept [Activity workshop], 21st Sept, 28th Sept, 5 Oct [Auckland Plan engagement workshop], 12th Oct)

Attended joint Local Board Funding Policy Workshop on 30 September

Board business meeting (29th September)

Portfolio activities for the month –15th September to 13th October

Portfolio areas:
Parks & Open Spaces:
Met with key Parks Officers and Kerri Foote to discuss Manukau Foreshore spending proposals for the 2011-12 financial year, and our approach to foreshore initiatives more generally – 30 September

Met with Board Chair and officers to discuss Greenways Concept Plan – 5 October

Met with Wendy Johns (Friends of Oakley Creek) onsite to discuss Molley Green wetland project and opportunities for ongoing community involvement – 7 October

Met with David Barker for initial monthly meeting to discuss Puketapapa Parks issues. Issues covered included Manukau Foreshore track progress, scoping of various SLIPs projects, measures to protect rare native mistletoe at Manukau Domain, and how the Molley Green path renewal will align with our aspirations for a Greenway. Future meetings will include a general discussion about parks issues in our area, and an overview of all upcoming activity – 14 October

Liaised with Roskill South Kindergarten about proposed Bob Bodt Reserve upgrade and discussed with officers the need to include the kindergarten in discussions about works.

Worked with Board member Kumar to assist Three Kings United with issues about vendor permits for an age group tournament at Keith Hay Park.

Ongoing liaison with Winstone Park Tennis club about Board and Parks funding for new clubrooms at Harold Long Reserve.
Ongoing work with Parks officers, Events team, and Comms team about Manukau Foreshore track opening event on 3 December.

Retrieved heritage images from Pah Homestead and discussed formation of a Puketapapa Heritage Festival working group for the 2012 event – 3 October

Assisted with setup and promotion of Historical Society establishment meeting on 9 October. The meeting was a great success with 15 people attending, a committee established, and a number of activities planned.

Discussion with various members of the public who have made contact with queries about the Heritage Images exhibition.

Any other issues

Attended Mt Roskill Business Association meeting -  18 October

Attended RYZ Fairtrade film evening – 20 October

Met with Board Chair and Alfred Saldhana about issue of no parking zone in Mr Saldhana’s street.

Liaised with Ben Stallworthy and shop owners at Roskill South about parking lines being painted outside the shops. Work due to start shortly.


a)     That the report be received.