Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Michael's March - May 2012 Board Report

In the interests of transparency and accountability, we've started putting our monthly reports to the Board up on this website. As time allows I'll go back and put the past ones up too. These reports are required for each ordinary business meeting (monthly) and should detail what we've been working on since our last report. If there's anything in a report that you are interested in finding out more about please contact us. We usually speak briefly to our reports at the relevant business meeting. Board members' reports are normally last on the agenda, so often we don't get to them until after 8pm at the earliest.

Portfolio: Parks, Open Spaces, and Heritage
Significant points from monthly Board workshops and briefings
Participated in Board workshops (11 April, 18 April)
Participated in local
LTP Hearings process (18 April) and LTP prioritization session (2 May) and LTP deliberations (9 May)
Attended Board business meeting (29 March)
Attended Local Boards Unitary Plan Symposium – 30 March

Portfolio activities for the period 29 March - 9th May
Portfolio areas: Parks & Open Spaces:
Organised and attended site meeting at Akarana Golf Course with Council officers, members of the club, and members of the Keith Hay Park Users group to discuss flooding issues. Agreement on Council plan to remove and continue controlling weeds in the creek. Creek levels will continue to be observed over the winter – 30 March

Organised and facilitated Friends of Molley Green meeting to discuss community planting day, flooding issues, and local aspirations for the park – 31 March

Worked with Residents Association and Council Officers to plan successful Oyster Shell cleanup at Waikowhai Beach. 50 volunteers turned up and 2 large skips of shells were removed – 21 April

Attended Watercare site visit to local parks associated with Central Interceptor project (4 April), and corresponded with Watercare and Council Officers about Board expectations for community access and amenity.

Attended Greenways Network meeting – 4 April

Attended meeting with Ella Kumar and Katrina Morgan about May Road playground upgrade – 12 April

Attended monthly Puketapapa Parks meeting with Council Officers, a wide range of issues covered including progress on local SLIPs projects in parks, Keith Hay Park concept plan, and Manukau Foreshore weed issues – 13 April

Ongoing liaision with local residents in Hillsborough about a large tree on private property.

Site meeting at Turner Reserve with Council Officers to discuss plans for fruit tree planting. Ongoing liaison with local resident who raised the idea. Subsequent discussion about details of the plan and funding options – 14 April

Attended briefing about Waterview SH20 project with Council Officers and Richard Barter – 20 April

Attended joint Local Baords Forum called by Cr Sandra Coney about regional paths and trails – 23 April

Attended meeting with Council Officers and 3 Kings United about clubroom development plans – 26 April

Worked with Officers and Ella Kumar to finalise and confirm Keith Hay Park Concept Plan design for consultation, and publicity materials – 26 April

Attended joint Local Boards ‘Open Space Sounding Board’ - 26 April

Met with new park ranger, Chauncy Ardell, who covers the Manukau Foreshore area – 27 April

Participated in meeting with Richard Barter, Phil Goff MP, Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board, Council Officers, and Watercare Managers about Manukau Harbour pollution issues – 27 April.

Attended meeting about Waikowhai Closed landfill remediation issues – 2 May

Set up and participated in excellent meeting with Bernadette Papa from Ngati Whatua o Orakei to discuss aspirations around naturalization of Oakley Creek through Keith Hay Park – 4 May

Met with Richard Barter, Kerri Foote, and Crs W.Walker and Coney to discuss Board plans for the Orpheus to Bamfield walkway – 4 May

Attended meeting with Cancer Society and Waitemata Board rep to discuss Smokefree Parks implementation – 10 May

Organised and facilitated Puketapapa Heritage Festival planning meeting with local residents and Historical Society – 10 April

Met with Council officers about display of heritage images at Fickling Centre. A plan is being progressed and the Board will need to consider a small amount of funding for copying and framing costs – 20 April

Liaised with Historical Society and Council officers about a number of local sites that are of heritage interest. More research is being completed on these sites.

Any other issues
Participated in International Cultural Festival with other Board Members – 1 April

Participated in Roskill Network seminar about engagement with government – 12 April

Attended Puketepapa RLTP submission with Richard Barter – 20 April

Participated in a number of Anzac Day commemorations – 25 April

Recommendation/s a) That the report be received.