Saturday, 28 September 2013

RCV Policy on Community Development and Facilities

Council can play a key role in bringing our community together, providing facilities, resourcing, and expertise to help our community develop and grow. We support an active and engaging approach in which grassroots community determines local priorities.

Specific local policy includes:

  • Heightened support for local community groups through better access to funding streams, appropriate and timely advice, provision of appropriate space, and creating functional partnerships with Council.
  • Development of ‘Garden web’ type networks that bring people together around community projects
  • Creation of new community space at Hillsborough/Monte Cecilia and in the restored Mt Roskill Municipal Chambers.
  • Advocacy for library services to be provided in the Wesley area, which currently has some of the poorest library access on the isthmus.
  • Advocacy for a Living Wage so that work is rewarded, local people can live with dignity, and spending power in our local economy is increased.
  • Establishing a local children’s panel to ensure that we receive input from our youngest citizens.
  • Provide more small scale community notice boards at local shopping areas to help keep the community connected.
  • Supporting local events that fit with community priorities and support local groups to deliver them.