Thursday, 15 October 2015

Puketāpapa Local Board resolutions on Liston Village

This will record resolutions and similar position statements made by the Puketapapa Local Board in relation to Liston Village, in chronological order from oldest to newest.

From the Puketāpapa Local Board Plan 2014
Under Key Initiatives for Healthy, Safe People and Places, p44:
Investigate options for increasing supply of affordable community and social housing, including advocating to retain existing social housing at Liston Village.   

From the Minutes of the 28th August 2015 Puketāpapa Local Board business meeting, pp10, 11

Item 16 Puketāpapa Local Board Small Local Improvement Projects (SLIPs) Programme 2014- 2015 
Resolution number PKTPP/2014/163
MOVED by Deputy Chairperson HAJ Doig, seconded by Member MP Wood:

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:
a) acknowledges receipt of the Puketāpapa Local Board 2014/2015 SLIPs funding summary programme
b) delegates authority to the spokesperson to provide guidance and advice to the SLIPs team regarding their allocated proposals and delegates authority to the spokesperson and chair of the board, to be exercised together, to make additional funding decisions where a variation to a project scope is needed due to unforeseen circumstances
q) allocates $10,000 SLIPs Operational budget towards a study to establish the feasibility of retaining community social housing for the elderly at the Liston Village site in Hillsborough (when it transfers to Council ownership) and to provide advice about the ownership and governance options for preserving the village as community social housing for the elderly through a partnership arrangement between Auckland Council and a third sector housing provider.

r) request that expert advice on the community social housing sector is sought as part of the report.

s) delegates Member MP Wood to act as spokesperson for this project and to consult with affected stakeholders about the Board’s approach.

t) agrees to advocate to the Governing Body for additional social housing in Puketāpapa


From the Minutes of the 27th August 2015 Puketāpapa Local Board business meeting, p8-9

Item 14.2  Board Member report - Michael Wood 
Resolution number PKTPP/2015/170
MOVED by Member MP Wood, seconded by Deputy Chairperson HAJ Doig:

That the Puketāpapa Local Board:
a) receive the report for August 2015.
c) receive the “Liston Village Housing for the Elderly Scoping Report” dated 26 August 2015 and:

i) note the findings of the report including information concerning the high level of unmet need for social housing in Hillsborough, and a general growth in demand for social housing for the elderly.

ii) authorise further detailed work to be carried out in line with the recommendations on page 20 of the report, utilising LDI funding for “Affordable and social housing options”.

iii) authorise release of the report to the public and authorise Member Wood to present the report to the Seniors Panel, the Community Development and Safety Committee and any other relevant Council bodies.


A copy of the Liston Village Housing for the Elderly – Stage One: Scoping report will be placed on the official minutes and is available on the Auckland Council website as a minute attachment.

Article "Monte Cecilia Park: Puketāpapa advocates to retain Liston Village" on Auckland Council news website Our Auckland - October 7th 2015