Monday, 16 August 2010

Media Statement: New survey shows Mt Roskill sick of being ignored

"A new survey reveals that Mt Roskill residents and shopkeepers are sick of their main shopping area being ignored", says Michael Wood a spokesperson for Roskill Community Voice, the new team contesting the Local Board elections in Puketapapa.

"Our survey shows that our run down shopping strip on Dominion Rd is in desperate need of attention. We have hit the street to survey local shopkeepers and shoppers, and their verdict is overwhelming. 73% say that the Council has not done enough to support the area, while 91% say that more people would shop on Dominion Rd if the area was improved," says Garth Houltham, another Roskill Community Voice candidate.

"Local shop keepers are also fuming about the C&R Councils plans to remove street parking. They are genuinely fearful that this move will kill their businesses. Roskill Community Voice is committing to stopping the process if elected, and going back to the drawing board with full public hearings on the Dominion Rd plans", continues Wood.

"All in all, local residents and businesses have had a gutsful of being ignored. We are a humble suburb, but we pay rates and we deserve some attention and support too. We want to see a proper precinct plan developed for Mt Roskill so that we can plan for a vibrant future that is good for business and local residents," continues Mr Houltham.

"Mt Roskill needs to be listened to, and we need some investment in our town centre. We need to support local businesses, and give the community a centre that it can be proud of. C&R have failed to deliver, and are now ramming through a poorly thought through plan. A new team is needed to give our community a voice", concludes Wood.