Monday, 16 August 2010

Media Statement: Thousands risk losing their voice

“Aucklanders have just until the end of this week to get on the electoral roll. Tens of thousands have not done so and risk losing their voice”, says Magele Brenda Simmons Vui-Talitu, a Roskill Community Voice candidate for Puketapapa Local Board.

“In particular, we are making a special plea to our Pacific communities to urgently enrol. Many remain un-enrolled, and if they do not return their enrolment forms before this Friday 20 August, they will not be on the roll”, continues Joel Fotu, another candidate for Roskill Community Voice.

“There are huge issues at stake for all voters this election. The new Auckland Supercity is changing everything and residents must vote to have their say in issues such as the ongoing public ownership of our assets, better public transport, and real powers for local communities”, continues Simmons Vui-Talitu.

“With just days to go, people need to take urgent steps to get enrolled, and those who are already enrolled should encourage friends and family to do so. Go to, call 0800-36-76-56, or head to your local Postshop to get a form today. Take it back to the Postshop before August 20 to ensure it is processed in time”, says Fotu.

“Time is really running out now, so please take urgent steps to ensure that you have a voice”, concludes Simmons Vui-Talitu.