Monday, 20 September 2010

ARC Chair acknowledges hard work of Garth Houltham advocating for rail

Extract from Mike Lee's speech at the opening of the Onehunga Train Line & Station, posted on his website September 19th 2010.  Picture shows Mike (with plaque) with Campaign for Better Transport members, including Garth to the right of Mike (the one with the beard!)
...Over the summer of 2005/2006 CBT members led by Garth Houltham worked to gather over 8,000 signatures in support of reopening the line, mostly from local residents. Garth is now running for the local board on the Roskill Community Voice ticket.
His slogan is: “He’s Houltham, and he’s good for you!”

And I have say he’s proven that to be true.

Garth’s petition was formally presented to the ARC by Cam Pitches in 2006. However by that time operational responsibility for public transport had been placed in the hands of a new agency – ARTA. So I went along to the ARTA Board and presented the petition along with what I hoped was a rousing speech in support...
Picture and extract from Mike's website, click through for the whole article and more photos.