Friday, 5 November 2010

Herald coverage of Puketapapa Local Board inauguration

Part of an article covering a number of Local Board inaugurations, published in the print edition of the NZ Herald on Thursday 4th November 2010.
The inaugural Puketapapa Local Board meeting got off to a rocky start in Three Kings.
The swearing-in of its six members and the election of Richard Barter as chairman went smoothly in front of a crowd of more than 50 people.
Peter Muys even sang a modified Fred Dagg song before he read his declaration. He said he was inspired after seeing the city's new councillors sing at their inaugural meeting on Monday.
The tension began when both Nigel Turnbull and Michael Wood were nominated for the role of deputy chairman.
Both gave impassioned speeches about their commitment to the local community, with Mr Woods saying it "has been targeted by liquor and pokie merchants ... and yes, the eviction of Monte Cecilia School continues to cause division."
Mr Turnbull won the vote 4-2 - a division among the members which was a trend for the rest of the evening.
After the meeting was formally closed, Mr Wood was allowed to bring up an "extraordinary meeting" about Monte Cecilia School which was meant to take place next week.
However, the board ruled - once again 4-2 - that discussion of the matter be held over until next month.
This decision was met with outrage from some of the audience, with one man yelling "corruption" and having a heated argument with another man, who yelled, "Democracy works! Get over it!"
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