Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Warehouse coming to Pah Rd?

A resource consent application for building a Warehouse store at the old Holeproof factory site on Pah Rd was publicly notified on November 5th.

There was some Herald coverage of the application, which rather oddly focused on concern that the big red shed-like building would be visible from the TSB James Wallace Art Gallery in Monte Cecilia Park. I'm not sure that will be the biggest worry local residents have about this project.   Michael is quoted in the article thus:
...Board member Michael Wood said the community had only till December 3 to submit views on the development, which infringed a number of District Plan controls and covered residential as well as business zones.
"A lot of residents have no idea about the proposal and we will do a mail drop in the area to encourage them to voice any concerns..."
We've put together a simple leaflet that makes people aware of the proposal and how to get more information, as well as encouraging submissions (for or against, or just raising specific issues).  I started dropping these in letterboxes today, however as we've had a problem with our phone line we probably won't be delivering anymore for a couple of days, in the hope that the phone number on the leaflet will be working by then!  Sorry if you have rung to discuss it with us and got a funny signal.