Friday, 19 November 2010

Faulkner Collins relocation nearly sorted?

Article on on 18th November:
Motorway dispute could be nearing resolution

A protracted dispute between an Auckland engineering company and the agency building a $40 million motorway interchange through its property could be nearing resolution.

Faulkner Collins, which manufactures wire, tube and sheetmetal products including shopping trolleys, leases premises in the Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill from the owner, the New Zealand Transport Agency.
Faulkner Collins (FCL) and its 50 staff have got to be off the site by January 3.

Faulkner's managing director Hadley Wright claims the Crown has ''probably spent close to $600,000 fighting us'' while its own costs have amounted to around $540,000.

The long-established company called in help from the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union. Discussions are ongoing but Wright and NZTA's regional director Stephen Town have agreed to not discuss the matter in detail with outside parties until they'd achieved an outcome. Wright is hoping that will be achieved by Monday.

The property is required for the construction of the Maioro Street Interchange project  a key component to support the construction of the $1.4 billion Waterview Connection...
Click through for the rest of the article via the Stuff website.  Previous news items on this website about the issue are Threat to 50 local jobs at Faulkner Collins and our media statement calling for the jobs to be saved and reporting on Michael's visit to the factory.

Fingers crossed a satisfactory resolution is announced in the coming day, to save these jobs and this business.