Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Julie's Board report for 12th Nov 2011 to 18 Jan 2012

In the interests of transparency and accountability, we've started putting our monthly reports to the Board up on this website. As time allows I'll go back and put the past ones up too. These reports are required for each ordinary business meeting (monthly) and should detail what we've been working on since our last report. If there's anything in a report that you are interested in finding out more about please contact us. We usually speak briefly to our reports at the relevant business meeting. Board members' reports are normally last on the agenda, so often we don't get to them until after 8pm at the earliest.

Portfolio: Community Development

Significant points from monthly Board workshops and briefings
Participated in Board workshops (16th Nov, 23rd Nov, 7th Dec, 14th Dec, 21st Dec)
Board business meetings (Ordinary 24th Nov, Extraordinary 12th Dec)
Participated in preparatory discussion and workshop with Governing Body regarding the Long Term Plan (25th Nov).

Portfolio activities for the month –12th November 2011 to 18th January 2012
Portfolio areas:
Monthly catch-up with Kerri Foote regarding outstanding issues (16th Nov).

Portfolio planning – initial meeting with Local Board services staff (18th Jan). Next steps: Identify specific actions that result from the relevant priorities in the Local Board Plan, and other relevant strategy documents. Meet again.

Roskill Community Network –Attended monthly meeting at RYZ and assisted with facilitation at the convenor’s request (8th Dec). Met with convenor to prepare and catch-up (7th Dec). The meeting itself focused on identifying ideas and connections for the three top issues identified in an exercise run by the Network earlier in the year; employment, crime and safety, health and wellbeing. Next steps: Schedule catch-up with convenor for February. Continue regular catch-ups with Zena and attend future meetings.

Ministry of Social Development (MSD) Auckland Central Community Response Forum (ACCRF) – myself and Nandita Mathur were to meet again with Deb Greenstreet and Toni Millar on December 8th to receive and discuss the final report and recommendations from this initiative. However as the report and recommendations had not been finalized in time, and the Three Kings building was unavailable to meet in, the meeting has been postponed. Next steps: Set new time and date for meeting, circulate final report and recommendations to the Board once they are available.

Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) community-led development project (Roskill Community Development Group) - Attended meetings of the Roskill Community Development Group (6th Dec, 20th Dec, 17th Jan). Apologies given for 22nd Nov meeting, as I was out of town for my other employment. The group has taken significant steps forward over this period, including approving a contractor to undertake a stocktake analysis of existing research of the area (final report due late February), confirming the structure, vision and name of the group, and establishing a number of sub-groups and assigned roles to support the work. They have also confirmed their relationship with DIA and how financial matters will operate, as well as agreeing a monthly meeting cycle for 2012. I remain involved in a supporter capacity and as a link with the Local Board, including providing secretarial support around keeping minutes at the meetings. Next steps: Continue to keep the Board informed of developments. Continue with minutes’ secretary role and other supportive tasks as they arise.

Community Development & Partnerships (CDAP) – regular catch-ups with relevant Council staff (24th Nov & 22nd Dec). Contact through-out this period with Nandita and staff over the DIA project, the ACCRF report, RPRA support, community grants (at both Isthmus and Local Board level), community gardening (see other areas of this report for more details).

Community Events – Monthly events catch-ups were not held during this period. Attended Puketapapa Santa Parade (part of, 26th Nov) and debrief (7th Dec).Next steps (for me): continue work on Fickling Centre re-opening (see further information under Community facilities below)

Albert-Eden-Roskill ward (and Isthmus) community development issues –met with Pippa Coom & Tricia Reade of Waitemata Local Board (18th Jan) (Margi Watson is away until end of January) to discuss community development initiatives in our respective areas. Agreed to meet regular, along with Margi, to keep up flow of information. Next steps: Continue regular meetings, exchange information relevant across the ward.

Relevant Central Government contracts – I have been seeking for sometime a comprehensive list of contracts operating in our area. Magnum has directed me to the useful website in the interim, while he undertakes to source a thorough list.

Pah Rd Warehouse - Community engagement work with local community members, focused on ascertaining opinions about next steps. It is likely that a delegation will meet with a senior executive of the Warehouse, although yet to be confirmed. Next steps: Assist with organizing meeting between community members and the Warehouse.

Pah Rd four-laning – The outstanding information regarding the consultation process on this matter has now been received from Auckland Transport. Next steps: Contact relevant community members with outcome of information from AT.

Highland Games – attended this vibrant and interesting event at Three Kings Domain (19th Nov). Discussions with stall holders indicated there was a perceived lack of Council support for the event this year, specifically in regard to promotion. This may be an event that the Board wants to look at assisting with in future, as a local cultural and sporting event that is unique not only in New Zealand but internationally, as the only Highland Games held outside of Scotland and now running for over 30 years in our area.

Board promotion – photo shoot at Waikowhai Park with Board member Wood for Comms (25th Nov).

Waikowhai Park Centennial Celebration & Track Opening – attended part of this event (3rd Dec). Strong community interest in the volunteer programme for the reserve, and a large number of people went on the guided walk through part of the track network.

Contact throughout this period with Kate Holst & Kerri Foote to progress a number of these items.

Community facilities stocktake – Outstanding information from Property has not yet been supplied. I have heard from another Isthmus Board that Property has approached them with a recommendation to sell a property, and am disappointed that information requested by this Board some months ago has still not been received when it appears that more advanced work has been done for other areas. Next steps: Follow-up with Property again.

Bremner Ave property – The Auckland United Youth Federation have approached me regarding a proposal to refurbish this building for a community lease to them for a youth programme. I met with two of their representatives to discuss this (22nd Dec). At this time it seems unlikely that this would be a possibility, however I have encouraged this group to provide me with additional information about their capacity and to also make a presentation to the Board in future about their ideas around community leases for their work. I have also undertaken to discuss further with Council staff what happened in regard to possible offers of a community lease to this group in 2009. Next step: Await report to the Board from Kate Holst and feedback on contamination from Graeme Dykes, in regard to future of building and site as possible community garden. Await information from Auckland United Youth Federation about their proposal for Bremner Ave or another community lease possibility. Endeavour to establish what happened in 2009 in regard to AUYF’s possible community lease.

Fickling Centre upgrade - Attended walk-through of the (then almost completed) project (30th Nov) Bookings of the rooms for hire recommenced on December 1st and I have received positive feedback informally about hirer opinions of the refit. Feedback from the library and CAB workers upstairs is uniformly positive. The project was completed on 21st December, and I attended a morning blessing of the new rooms (23rd Dec) however a “defect list” is providing ongoing work both internally and externally as small issues are addressed. Ongoing contact with Council staff, in particular Bev Rogers, regarding the opening event. Provided information on upgrade and opening to Comms for story in Our Auckland, and attended photo shoot for this with Board member Kumar (14th Dec). Meeting with key people involved in the opening event (17th Jan). Follow-up meeting with Mary-Ann Wallis regarding suitability of library for hosting; determined better to hold the event in one of the downstairs rooms due to size. Next steps: Discussion with Comms about promotion of the opening event, and raising awareness of the upgrade’s completion. Continue work on the opening event with assistance from relevant Council staff, in particular sourcing details for the guest list, working with Comms on promotion of the event to the community, the wording of a commemorative plaque, and the community display boards.

Room bookings policy for the Fickling Centre – Following discussions with Kate Holst about the need to review this in light of the upgrade, I facilitated a workshop on the matter with Board members (30th Nov) to work through the options to inform a staff report to a future Board meeting. There is a need to balance the expectations and needs of long-standing regular hirers with an anticipated increase in demand for the facility.

Wesley Community Centre & RYZ - Continued work on Wesley Facilities Users Group brief. Attended part of debut Wesley Twilight Market (21st Dec) and have since discussed further with the Market coordinator, Diana, who confirms that it continued well over the holiday period and looks to be viable. They are looking to focus the twilight market on ethnic foods and crafts. Confirmed with Peter Loud that we will be meeting in early 2012 to discuss the Terms of Reference and ongoing management committee arrangements for RYZ. Next steps: Complete work on draft Wesley Facilities Users Group brief and circulate to relevant people for feedback.

Accountability process – Investigations regarding the processing and communication of accountability reports, for the outcomes of successful funding applications, to Local Board members.

Support for community funding applications – Attended workshop held for community groups seeking information on applying for Community Grant Assistance Fund (7th Dec). Discussion during regular CDAP catch-up (22nd Dec) regarding ideas for improving this process for community groups in Puketapapa in future. CDAP are preparing a memo to feedback on this and will include the discussed suggestion of an informal mentoring network of community members who have skills in the area of funding applications and are willing to mentor others to raise capacity in other groups. Next step: Await memo from CDAP.

Community gardening network – Prepared and circulated draft brief on the concept of a Puketapapa Community Garden “Web” to relevant Council staff. Have received feedback. Next steps: Consider feedback and review brief accordingly. Possible new sites/groups: Bremner Ave (see above under Community Facilities & Leases) and Roskill South Kindergarten. In regard to Roskill South Kindergarten, I am grateful for the assistance of a number of Council staff who have ascertained that it will be possible to adjust the existing lease that the Auckland Kindergarten Association has on this land to allow for the proposed garden space, with the approval of the Board. See my recommendation B below. Next steps: Continue discussion with property regarding Bremner Ave possibility (see above). Communicate with Roskill South Kindergarten about the status of the possible change to their lease.

Roskill Puketapapa Residents’ Association (RPRA) – CDAP has confirmed they will provide assistance with facilitation for a planning meeting for this group in early 2012. Next steps: Contact convenor to confirm date for first 2012 meeting and liaise with CDAP regarding support for this.

Molley Green Carnival organizing group – meeting to continue organizing work (1st Dec). Assisting with sourcing possible Council collateral for the event including ezi-ups, rubbish bins, jigsaw mats. The Local Board will be able to have a stall at the event and is encouraged to pick a carnival themed activity to host on the day. Next steps: Continue work on collateral sourcing and seeking involvement from Events Facilitation. Attend stall holder briefing meeting on February 14th.

Neighbourhood Support – attended the AGM of Neighbourhood Support Auckland (16th Nov). Key issues discussed: the growth of new Neighbourhood Support groups around Auckland, Community Policing Teams established in Glen Innes/Point England and Rosebank Rd/Waterview, interested in fundraising possibilities to expand activities focused on the visibility of Neighbourhood Support, working with Community Patrols NZ collaboratively.

Auckland International Cultural Festival 2012 – met with Helen Cheng (24th Nov) to discuss details for 2012. Will be held again at War Memorial Park, this year on April 1st to avoid clashing with Neighbourhood Day in late March. Helen was seeking feedback from the Board on the layout of the park, any particular issues arising from the 2011 event and a Local Board stall. I undertook to take these back to the Board for their feedback, which I did by email. I also raised with Helen the possibility of the Local Board working to promote public transport and active transport routes for those living in the area around the park. Next step: Talk with Board Chair about possible transport-related communication with locals for the event.

Friends/Supporters of Roskill Citizens’ Advice Bureau – I met with Claire and Barbara Houlding from their board (5th Dec) to further develop the idea of establishing a group for those who wished to support the work of the Roskill CAB without necessarily becoming CAB members (which requires significant training). This could provide a valuable resource and link for the Local Board, in terms of both identifying local issues and communicating about our work and priorities to key community people. As the Roskill CAB already has volunteers who are not members (who are therefore restricted in the tasks they can undertake) it is in a good position to possibly pilot such an approach for other CABs to look at adopting in the future as that organization changes and grows. Next step: Prepare a draft brief on the concept for feedback from Barbara and Claire, with the aim of having a final brief confirmed to go to a future CABAC meeting.

Travelwise Kindergarten pilot - This matter has been on hold since my last report, as it Nov/Dec/Jan is a difficult time to progress issues with schools and early childhood centres. Next steps: Organize meeting with key people, including Board Chair, in February/March 2012 if possible.

Any other issues
Molley Green Wetland and Path Upgrade – ongoing email, phone and in person discussions with Katrina Shanks and relevant Council staff, including an onsite meeting with the designer, Council staff, and Wendy Johns from Friends of Oakley Creek (1st Dec).

Wesley Community Centre sliding doors – ongoing email and in person conversations with Katrina Shanks, Karen McCarthy and the Board Chair.

For the following meetings and events due to illness:
• Auckland Branch of National Council of Women November meeting
• Sanitarium Liaison Group meeting
• Citizenships ceremonies on 23rd November (two)
• Wesley Children’s Christmas Party

a) That the report be received.

b) That the Puketapapa Local Board approve any required changes to the long-term lease Roskill South Kindergarten holds at Bob Bodt Reserve to establish a community garden on the basis that:
a. The community garden is located in the area directly to the north of the kindergarten building;
b. The garden is built as a raised bed and a high quality membrane is put in place between the existing ground level and the newly imported soil;
c. There will be periodic checks of the integrity of the membrane by Parks.