Thursday, 26 September 2013

RCV Policy on Town Centres and Economic Development

We need a focused local policy on economic development issues that provides jobs, supports local enterprises, and revitalises our run-down town centres.

Specific policy includes:
  • Bringing a greater focus on to the development of an integrated high quality town centre at Stoddard Rd, including development of a Precinct Plan. 
  • The development of retail strategy for local and town centres to support the development of a clear retail identity for each area, and a strategic approach to growth. 
  • Working with the Mt Roskill Business & Community Groups Association on initiatives to encourage local people to ‘buy local’. 
  • A strong focus on improvements to Roskill Main Street, including establishment of a trial dollar for dollar subsidy scheme to improve the appearance of shops. 
  • Development of a local economic development plan that builds on Roskill’s strengths and focusses on local high-wage jobs. 
  • Support for the Living Wage, which will put more money into the pockets of local people to spend in our community. 
  • Fostering local young people into training and apprenticeships, and advocating for a tertiary education provider to provide services in Roskill
A full index of our policy can be found here, updated regularly as we release policy throughout the election campaign.