Thursday 19 September 2013

RCV Policy on Young People

Shail Kaushal, one of Auckland's youngest candidates for election has launched Roskill Community
Shail Kaushal
Voice's policy on young people today. We believe strongly in the need to positively support our young people. Roskill's young people are smart, creative, and community minded. We just need to create the right environment and supports to see them flourish. 

Our full policy follows and can be viewed along with other policy released to date here.

RCV Policy: Young People   
Our young people need to be seen as a strength in our community, not a problem to be ‘solved’. We need to provide support and resourcing to ensure that local young people have the opportunities they need to grow, develop, and contribute back to the community. 

Our 2013 policy on young people includes:

  • The ongoing development and support of a comprehensive Youth Action Plan that provides a framework for supporting youth leadership and aspirations.  
  • Working to deliver an empowered Puketapapa youth caucus, including joint meetings with the Local Board so that ideas and aspirations are shared.  
  •  A strong focus on linking our local young people to training, skill development, and apprenticeships. We must provide the means for our youth to move into productive, high wage jobs.   
  •  We will take advocate for a credible tertiary education provider to establish a presence in Roskill.   
  • Support a Living Wage so that local young people and their families can live in dignity and plan for the future
  • Actively support an expansion of the Council cadetship scheme that provides young people with opportunities to develop skills and careers in the Council organisation.
  •  Investigate the barriers to local young people participating in organised sport, and investigate a subsidised sports club membership scheme.