Friday, 20 September 2013

Media release: Time to vote says young candidate

"With critical decisions about Auckland’s future to be made over the next few years, it is essential that Aucklanders of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds come out to vote in the Auckland Council elections", says Shail Kaushal, Roskill Community Voice candidate for the Puketapapa Local Board, one day ahead of voting papers being mailed out on Friday 20 September.

"We live in a democracy which is a great privilege - but it is also a responsibility. We only get the best decisions and the best representatives when the whole community participates. In Auckland we are at a critical juncture with major decisions about transport, growth, and the shape of our communities being made. People need to be involved".

"As one of New Zealand’s youngest candidates for election I make a special plea to our young people to participate. This is the city that we will inherit. The decisions being made now will affect the lives we build in the future. Let’s speak up to get the Auckland we deserve!"

"I am also pleased today to release Roskill Community Voice's Youth policy ahead of the election. We are committed to providing our young people with opportunity so that their full potential can be realised. Our policy includes measures such as advocating for a tertiary education provider in Roskill, support for Council cadetships, and investigating subsidised sports club memberships for young people". The full policy is here.

"Here in Puketapapa/Mt Roskill I have loved every minute of the campaign. Our Roskill Community Voice campaign has focussed on meeting people one to one to talk about the importance of our community having a strong voice. We will be working hard until election day to encourage people to exercise their democratic voice", says Mr Kaushal.