Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Michael's Feb Board report

In the interests of transparency and accountability, we've started putting our monthly reports to the Board up on this website. As time allows I'll go back and put the past ones up too. These reports are required for each ordinary business meeting (monthly) and should detail what we've been working on since our last report. If there's anything in a report that you are interested in finding out more about please contact us. We usually speak briefly to our reports at the relevant business meeting. Board members' reports are normally last on the agenda, so often we don't get to them until after 8pm at the earliest.

Portfolio: Parks, Open Spaces, and Heritage

Significant points from monthly Board workshops and briefings
Participated in Board workshops (8 February, 15 February, 22 February)
Board business meetings (24 January)
Portfolio Plan meeting - 17 February
Attended Local Boards joint workshop on Procurement policy, the Regional Land Transport Plan Process, and the establishment of regional transport bylaws. There is a strong need for the Board to press for its priorities in the RLTP process – 2 February
Participated in meeting with Richard Barter, Board Advisors, and Albert-Eden Board members about possible cycling corridors to east and west of Dominion Rd from SH20 to Ian McKinnon Drive – 3 February
Monthly meeting with Board Chair – 22 February

Portfolio activities for the period
Parks & Open Spaces:
Attended Keith Hay Park Users Group meeting on 7 February.
Discussed Concept Plan process and encouraged Group members to participate. A range of items to follow up with Parks officers including:
• State of waterways on all sides of the park. Issues with litter, weeds, and rats.
• Exposed watepipes by cricket club
• Working with the group to formalize its interactions with the Board, including the establishment of a quarterly reporting process.
Attended meeting with Katrina Morgan and Ella Kumar about cross generational and fitness equipment at May Rd playground upgrade – 15 February.
Attended Manukau Harbour Forum on behalf of Board – 17 February
Participated in interview with research agency about the Cancer Society’s smoke-free public places campaign – 17 February
Ongoing liaison with Parks officers and local residents about issues at Keith Hay Park.
Set up agenda an process for commencement of regular monthly meetings with parks officers. First meeting to occur on 24 February.
Ongoing liaison with Council officers about Lynfield Tennis club proposals for future development.
Liaised with Council officers about the possibility of arranging a community-led cleanup of dead Pacific Oysters along the Manukau Foreshore. Looking to arrange this for March/April.
Liaised with residents from around Arthur Faulkner Reserve about the state of the Reserve and clubrooms. Planning to meet with members of the group shortly.

Communication with Historical Society about establishing a once yearly Heritage Forum to seek community views about the Board’s heritage projects. Initial meeting flagged for March.
Liaised with Historical society about possibility of supplying information about local history to Wesley Primary School.

Any other issues
Development of proposals relating to Relationship between the Board and the Wallace Arts Trust. Led discussion with Board on 15 February.
Attended Mt Roskill Business Association meeting - February 14
Attended local citizenship ceremony at Fickling Centre – 16 February

a) That the report be received.